We believe in treating people like people first, regardless of our relationship, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other personal beliefs. Oh! and race. Sorry, we don’t even see race. All are welcome. We encourage others to take initiative to make things happen, to see the changes we all want to see. We believe we exist due to the unique and specific role that each team member plays in our creative process.


We envision a team of talented people who believe in the ideas we support, people who contribute their unique talent to innovate and support the products and services we foresee, no matter how simplistic they might be. Those are the million-dollar ideas in disbelief.


We’re on a mission to innovate. We value creative minds, new ideas, artistic talent, and most of all, knowledge. We care about others, and together, we’re on a mission to raise the quality of life of every member in our team and their families. We believe that profitability and success should be rewarded to everyone that made it possible.

Necessity + Attention = Innovation


We work in strict confidentiality until our innovative idea goes to market. Our latest creation, patent and trademark pending, is called Fautus™. Fautus™, our most creative innovation yet, is a tool to enhance the images and stories people want to share. Fautus™ values everyone’s talent and provides a profitable solution for local artists. Fautus™ is scheduled to launch early summer 2017, and will change how everyone looks at each other, for life.

Have you ever been in a business meeting, out with a friend, or on a date, and you want to look important and entertaining, interesting and busy, or even hip and popular? Exclusivity is not only about money or celebrity. It’s about knowledge – knowing certain information or being connected with people who do. Wait for it. Scheduled to launch in late 2017.

Do you pay meticulous attention to detail? Are you frustrated with the way your luggage is treated every time you travel? Scheduled to hit the market in early 2018.


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